Come Join Us As We Build Community

Visitors are warmly welcome to any of our meetings.
Contact us for further information.


Home Groups

Church Tuesdays (2:00p.m.)
- contact Ernest Chinedu (644 19 34 35)

Church - Wednesdays (11:00a.m.)
- contact Don Addison (966 194 170)

Summer Home Group (during July & August)
Thursday, 11:00a.m.
at the church building.


Meeting Times

Monthly Prayer Meeting
1st Friday of every month at 10:00a.m.
at the church building.

Bible Study
Ladies Bible Study, Thursdays, 11:00a.m.
at the church building.

Church Bible Study
Thursdays, 1:30p.m.
at the church building.

Prayer & Bible Study Meeting (Spanish)
Thursday, 7:00p.m.

Please Join Us at Our Upcoming Events!

 The Month of March

Friday January 10th through Friday April 3rd

Grief Share

From 3 to 5pm

Have you lost a loved one and find it hard to cope?
Come and join us at this weekly seminar and support group which is designed
to help you rebuild your life.
We know it hurts and want to help PLEASE TELL OTHERS and join us

March 15th - FATHER'S DAY

March 20th at 7:30pm
Based on true events of a shooting at an Amish school in Pennsylvania. 
Through the eyes of devastated families, the film explores the Amish community’s
astonishing reaction to the horrific shootings: one of forgiveness & compassion.

Saturday 28th
10:00 Men’s and Lady’s Breakfast
Captain’s Table Punta Prima.

Ladies Days Away
31 March  -  2 April
4**** Hotel Kaktus Albir
Speaker Sue Barlow from Sandbach, England
Join us for a time of Spiritual Renewal and Friendship.
We had a wonderful time last year in this same hotel.
Ladies, we encourage you to join us.


Ladies Bible Class - 11:00am

"Our ultimate purpose is to make much of God.
We do that as we experience, enjoy and reflect the loveliness of Christ,
making Him known to a world that is starved for true beauty."
Plan to join us! 

Church Bible Study - 1:30 pm
We are taking a careful look at the Ten commandments.
Come and study these known yet unknown truths
from the Old and New Testaments in a fresh and clear perspective.

House groups
Church – Tuesday - 2:00pm
contact Ernest Chinedu 644 199 435

Church – Wednesday morning - 11:00 am
contact Don Addison 966 194 170

Church Prayer Meeting  -  10:00 am
We meet together on the First Friday of the month.



Join us at Easter for these SPECIAL MEETINGS
w/ Rev. Steve Barlow
Palm Sunday - 11 am
Maundy Thursday - 7pm
Good Friday - 7pm
Easter Sunday (Sunrise Service, Breakfast,
Sing-along, Celebration Service, Holy Communion)